Should you wear sunglasses in winter?

Sunglasses in winter?

1: Improve vision with sunglasses

There is a sweet spot for the amount light to be just right for good vision and long-term eye health. Too little light is as bad as too much. Excessive glare causes the ‘bleaching” of photoreceptors in the retinal and reduces visual acuity. Optique Professional Eye Care recommended premium brands for their better protection and superior optical clarity that they are known for.

2: Glare Reduction

As winter precipitation layers covers the ground with snow and ice, the light reflections off these bright surfaces produce glare that seriously impacts vision. This glare is particularly dangerous, while driving and skiing. High quality sunglasses significantly reduce glare while making vision more comfortable. Polarized lenses are extremely effective in glare reduction.

3: Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays

In the winter, you are actually exposed to two times the normal amount of UV radiation. Exposure to UV light is a leading cause of cataract formation and the development of macular. Cataracts eventually forming in your eyes as we age, but the process is accelerated by unprotected exposure to these UV rays from the sun. All sunglasses at Optique Professional Eye Care offer UV protection.

4: Sunglasses reduce eye strain caused headaches

Our pupils act like an iris on a camera controlling the amount of light reaches the photoreceptors of the retina. In low light, the pupils dilate in as much light as possible to allow in light, but with bright light, the pupils constrict to prevent excess light from the retina. In the very bright conditions of winter with the sun reflecting off snow and ice the pupils cannot constrict enough to reduce the light to a comfortable level, and this causes us squint to further reduce the amount of light entering the eye. Squinting and excessive pupil constriction leads to headaches and eye strain. Sunglasses help to reduce the amount of light reaching the eyes, thus increasing our comfort and reduces the painful side effects of the glare.

5: The sunglasses protect your eyes from dust, dirt and wind

Sunglasses can make an effective barrier from wind, reducing evaporation of our tears. Well fitting, wrap sunglasses are excellent at preventing injuries from wind blow dust and particles. We offer special lenses and coatings that help repel dust, fingerprints, water, oils and lotions from your lenses keeping your lens clean and clear.

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