Proper Care for Your Glasses

Do’s and Do Not’s of Proper Care for Glasses

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your lenses can provide years of distortion free vision with the new generation of scratch resistant lenses. They are not 100% scratch-resistant, however, with abuse and a lack of maintenance they will eventually scratch.

Scratched lenses lead to eyestrain, reflections, reduces clarity and induces haze. We are often asked if scratches can be “buffed out”. Trying to “buff out” a scratch will lead to distortions far worse than the scratch and will alter the prescription in the lens rendering it unwearable.


Do not use clothing (shirt, blouse, jacket, etc.) to clean your lenses. The dirt on the lens or clothing may cause permanent scratches on the lens.

Do not use traditional glass cleaners like Windex or Glass Plus –the lenses are not glass and those cleaners contain ammonia which will deteriorate todays newer lens materials and coatings.

Do not use paper towels, tissues, or toilet paper because these wood products and are too abrasive.

DO’s – How you should care for your lenses:

Use a clean microfiber cloth. If the lenses are clean and dirt free then is generally safe to clean the lenses with a microfiber cloth without cleaning sprays, but this is the last option and not often recommended.

Use approved ophthalmic lens cleaners. It should be applied to both the front and back surfaces of the lens. The cleaner lifts dirt and debris away from the lens surface making them easy to remove. The cleaner also breaks down the oily residue left on the lens from the face and skin.

Use of pre-moistened towelettes are another convenient way to clean your lenses, especially if you are on the go. These cloths are specially engineered to be a lens friendly ways to keep your glasses clean and clear.


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