Floaters are small, gray or black, spots that have a cobweb appearance that dart or float in and out of the vision. They are most apparent when looking at a blue sky or white wall in good lighting. Floaters are more of a nuisance when not accompanies by flashes of light. If you have both flashes of light and a sudden increase in floaters this can be a sign of a retinal tear or detachment and needs to be evaluated by an eye doctor immediately


Floaters move as your eyes move. Floaters may manifest in many different shapes like black or gray spots, wavy transparent lines, strands, which can be knotted and semitransparent, cobweb like structures or ring shaped.


The fluid filling the back of the eye is the vitreous. This fluid thick, clear, Jello-like fluid sometimes develops pockets of water or condense and form semitransparent structures that cause visual distortion. As time goes by the floaters are usually less bothersome. However, some larger floaters never seem to fade and people will continue to be bothered by them in the course of time.

Floaters are common, particularly as we age. A vitreous detachment is the separation of the vitreous to its attachment point inside the eye. After detaching the vitreous can cause distortions and aberrations in the vision which is often referred to as floaters.


There is no cure currently for floaters there may be a new treatment with Vitreosolve, this is an injection that can basically dissolve major floaters that are problematic for vision. This kind of treatment should be reserved for patients whose floaters are impairing their vision and not for nuisance floaters

You should seek attention by an Optometrist or an Ophthalmologist if floaters are accompanied by flashes of light, they seem to be getting worse over time or you are experiencing any pain.

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