Eye Exams

Optique Eye Care offers both primary vision care and eye health management and treatment to our patients.  Our practice uses the latest techniques and testing allowing our doctor to obtain the best information to make a treatment plan for your vision care and ocular health. We always review testing and imaging results, with our patients.  This is your opportunity to ask questions of the doctor and to fully understand your condition, diagnosis and the treatment options.  We honor and respect your time; we take time with our patients and try and ensure they don’t feel like they being are rushed.

Medical Eye Exams:

  • Emergency eye care– eye infections, eye injuries, sudden loss of vision, flashes or floaters are a few of the things that would require immediate attention.

Vision Eye Exams:

  • Everyone has special vision needs! Basic tests should be the same but we listen to the patient’s hobbies, work and lifestyle to help customize the right fit for them and the lives.
  • We believe there shouldn’t be a cookie cutter approach to vision care.
  • There are more options and solutions available then just a single pair of glasses or contacts can cover or manage.

Contact lens exams:

  • This is where experience counts, contact lens fitting is often more art then science. Their are so numerous lens options, parameters and types available that their are literately books detailing them. There are also the cost and health considerations to be accounted for as well.  While the internet treats contacts as a commodity they are medical devices that can cause serious harm if misfit or mishandled.

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