Scratch on the eye

Scratch on the eye: Corneal Abrasions

Optique professional Eye Care evaluates and treats several patients each year with corneal abrasions.Our eyes can be easily damaged. Fortunately, our eyes are adept at healing quickly.

The cornea is the clear dome over the colored part of the eye. The Cornea houses millions of pain-receptors that cause immediate awareness to any threat to the the corneal tissue. Hence even the smallest corneal abrasions are extremely painful and have the uncanny capacity to debilitate even the toughest of men. Most abrasions do not cause long-term vision loss when they are treated properly and promptly. However, severe injuries to the cornea may leave scarring that permanently diminish or destroys vision.

Treatment of a corneal abrasion involves removal of any remaining foreign matter in the eye, prevention of infections via use of antibiotics and facilitation of the healing process. The constant blinking movement over an abrasion can slows the healing process. Often, our optometrist will place a “bandage” contact lens on the eye for overnight wear to create a shield over the abrasion.

Corneal abrasions are best managed by an optometrist rather than by self-treatment. Given the possible chance for a secondary infection as well as the possibility of long-term scarring, it is advisable to be safe and have it evaluated by Dr. Ozment at Optique Professional Eye Care.

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