Eye Care Services

Optique Professional Eye Care offers both primary eye care and ocular disease treatment and management to our patients.  Our practice has up-to-date eye examination equipment and ocular testing equipment, providing our doctor the ability to perform the best eye exam and treatment plan for your vision care needs.
Our optical has “all kinds for all kinds”!  We offer hundreds of classic, designer and budget friendly frames.  Also in our optical you will find an entire department dedicated to youth and children’s eyewear.  We pair your eyeglass frames with customized lenses made specifically for your unique eyes.  We are proud to offer several eyewear warranties and we also have on-site repair services.  Optique Professional Eye Care offers complete pairs of eyeglasses. Outside prescriptions are welcome. No appointment is necessary for browsing for frames or optical repairs.
Get your booties in here!  Eye examinations need to be performed on children starting at the age of 6 months and have a full eye exam before the age of 3.
Our practice has examination equipment specifically designed for the diagnosis and treatment of our smallest patients!
 We offer a full contact lens dispensary and offer contacts for people with all types of prescriptions. With all the different contact lens choices for people, we want to ensure that our patients are provided a contact fitting that offers not just good vision, but also a lens tailored to fit for comfort. Our contact lens patients are trained by certified technicians that offer one-on-one help. Specialty fits for conditions like keratoconus are also available.
Optique Professional Eye Care offers eye care for emergencies.  After hour emergency care is also available.
From goopy eyes that are “red and painful”, to eyes that have “something in them”, seeing “flashes of light” or “things” floating in them…..we can solve eye emergency mysteries here!