VSP Vision Plans

VSP Vision Plans

Helping their patients see is what they do. Being that VSP is the only nationwide non-profit vision care provider, it’s easy to see that their members are a priority. They invest their time and resources into the most important and valuable items when it comes to vision care.

They aim to give their members the lowest possible out of pocket prices and are considered to be one of the number one visions care choices by consumer’s across the country.

Benefits of VSP

  • Customer Service – when selecting to work with VSP you can count on excellent commitment to customer service.
  • High Quality Savings – they offer several incentives for savings to all of their customers.
  • Excellent Selection – they make for easy to find providers for vision care and vision aid.

Why Choose Optique Eye Care?

At Optique Eye Care we have been serving our patients in the Tulsa Oklahoma area with excellent eye care for years. Our main objective is to deliver you the highest quality vision care possible. Our eye doctors, optometrist and other vision specialist are the best in the field and it shows.

We are equipped with the latest eye care advancements in both training and technology. Our services are set at prices you can afford without sacrificing any level of commitment or care. All of our services are suited to work with adults and children alike.

Our dedicated years of service and experience give us the ability to give you a full range of comprehensive vision care like: diagnosis, treatment and the best plan for you and your family.

Possible aspects of your plan could include: medication, treatment and surgery as well emergency care and laser vision corrections.

We are not only one of the best available vision care providers in the greater Tulsa area, we are also one of the premier specialists in vision aids like: glasses (including lenses and frames), contacts and other items not listed.