Superior Vision

Superior Vision

Improving the vision of their members and their eye health is and always has been the number one objective for Superior Vision, (recently joined with Block Vision). Their focus has grown even stronger since the two forces have merged.

They deliver the same high quality plans and programs as before with exceptional levels of service that their members have come to expect.

The major differences from before:

Very strong emphasis on giving the highest levels of:

  • Superior services – High quality plans and options.
  • Accessibility – Easy to contact representatives and navigable websites.
  • Value to their members – Affordable plans and packages.

They now have created an entirely new look and feel from before complete with new logos and taglines. Optique will gladly speak with you to give you a full list of all benefits and cost covered for those who are currently using Superior Vision.

Why Optique Professional Eye Care?

Optique has been serving the greater Tulsa Oklahoma area and its people for years. We always give the highest quality of services. Our doctors and optometrist are only selected from the most experienced in the field of vision care.

Each of our well trained staff is exceptional at using the latest technologies and advancements in the eye care. We aim to give you our services at prices which you can afford without sacrificing the quality of care. Our services are ideal for adults and children both.

Because of experience we have the needed to skills to give you fully comprehensive plans for vision care including diagnosis and treatment for any illness which arise as well as standard or routine procedures and checkups.

Your personal vision care plan designed from our professional staff may include: assessment, treatments, surgery and medication as well as other special needs for specific cases.

In addition to being one of the top vision care providers in Tulsa Oklahoma, we also specialize and handle all vision correction aids like: Frames & Lenses, contacts and other related items.