Spectera Optum Health

Spectera – Optum Health Vision

You are considered to be an important part of the system and not just a number. Patient health care takes the priority with Spectera/Optumhealth (they recently merged into one provider). The goal for their vision care is to give you a significant level of savings for your cost, a fully diverse network of providers for your vision care and the freedom to choose your desired type of eyewear.

Some Benefits of Spectera – Optum Health Vision

  • Clear Benefits – your plan is not full of mumbo jumbo or hard to understand nonsense.
  • Choice of Provider – you get the ultimate choice of who you see for your vision care and where you purchase your eyewear.
  • Excellent Customer Service – they’re known for easy to navigate websites and a superior team when it comes to customer service.

Why Optique Professional Eye Care?

We’ve been giving our patients excellent service for years in the greater Tulsa area. Our objective is to give you the highest quality of service for your family. We only employ the best eye doctors and optometrist in the industry.

Our offices are equipped and skilled with the latest technological advancements and tools in the eye care and vision field. We give you our high quality services at prices you can afford without any sacrifice in terms of care or professionalism. Children and adults are both welcome here at Optique of Tulsa Oklahoma.

We aim to give you complete diagnosis, treatment and a plan which works for you and your family.

The plan could include aspects such as: treatment, routine eye care, medication and surgery.

Along with being one of the most reputable sources for quality eye care in all of Tulsa and its surrounding areas, we are also experts in the field of corrective eye care aids like: frames, lenses and contacts as well as several other devices not mentioned.