PVCS Vision Care

A local and growing Oklahoma based company which gives you unlimited access to the best levels of eye care. They offer their services at a wholesale cost for several of the most popular eyewear as you need it with the use of their Vision Advantage Plan.

They are a network based company and use selected specialist and independently located doctors and optometrists. PVCS is also known to provide some of the most competitive vision care services and benefits available. They are one of the most streamlined and easy to use vision care providers available in the Tulsa area.

Benefits of Using PVCS

  • Local – it’s a very attractive quality to many people to support locally owned companies and businesses.
  • Meets Vision Needs – their Vision Advantage services are designed to help you meet all of your vision care needs like treatment and purchasing eyewear.
  • Rigid Standards – any doctor or optometrist who is in the PVCS health network has to meet high standards of practice.

Why Optique?

Optique Eye Care has been serving the people of the Tulsa Oklahoma area for years in all of their vision care. They are more than suited to help both individuals and families and only employ the best optometrist in the area.

Our staff of highly trained professionals is equipped and trained with all state of the art types of technology. Our services are designed and priced to be affordable to all without sacrificing any level of care.

Our experience is ideal for giving the best levels treatment including full diagnosis and setting up plans which are perfect for you and your family.

The plan may also include other aspects like: emergency eye care visits, laser surgery and standard surgeries in some cases.

In addition to being respected as one of the best vision care specialist in Tulsa Oklahoma, our expertise also floods into other areas like eyewear which includes glasses and contacts.