OptiCare Managed Vision

OptiCare Managed Vision

Opti care offers the ability for all of their members to create fully customizable vision and health care benefits. They effectively help you to create the perfect plan for you so you can get the level of care you need at reduced cost. They have been working in the field of vision care for years and are familiar with medi-care and medi-cade.

They will work with you to help you in all of your insurance needs and make the job as simple and easy as possible.

Benefits of Using OptiCare Managed Vision

  • Prompt Payment – they’re quick at claims processing and their administrative aspects mean members will always leave the office on time.
  • They Do the Work – years of experience in vision care in all facets of the industry mean they known what they’re doing.
  • Extensive Network – guarantees you will always be able to find a provider in your area.

Why Optique Professional Eye Care?

For years Optique has been giving the people of the Tulsa area dedicated and excellent services in vision care. Both individuals and families are welcomed and we only employ the best in the field when it comes to eye doctors and optometrist.

Our staff is well equipped with all of the latest advancements in technology in the field of eye and vision care. We give you our services at prices which are affordable but never sacrifice care for cost. Both children and adults are welcomed as well at our offices.

Our experience will allow us to give you a in depth diagnosis and to set up a perfectly tailored plan that is suited for you and your family.

The plan will include various aspects such as: treatment, medication, and emergency care in certain cases.

Along with giving excellent care in vision we also provide top of the line products in eye enhancement like contacts, frames, and lenses.