FEP Blue Vision

FEP Blue Vision

At Optique Eye Care we gladly accept Blue Vision Health Care. Blue Vision is a FEP (Federal Employee Program) run by Blue Cross and Blue Shield. For a minimal payroll deduction that is determined on a pre-tax basis, you can set up this vision care plan. The plans are set to give greater savings to their customers.

FEP Has Two Vision Plan Options Available

  • High – greater benefits are available for members whom pay a greater deductible and premium. Please contact us to determine further benefits from this health care package.
  • Standard – offers care for your common needs like prescriptions and eyewear. We can give you a full list of benefits and areas covered by this health care option.

Whether you’re using the High option of Standard option, Optique will work with you to set up your visits and payments in a way which works for your family. Your convenience and health are both our priorities.

Why Optique Professional Eye Care?

We have been proudly been serving our patients in the greater Tulsa Oklahoma area for years. Here at Optique we always deliver the best possible services. We only employ the most highly experienced doctors and optometrist in the area.

Each member of our staff is highly trained and ready to serve you with the latest technological advancements in the field of eye care. We give you our services at prices which you can afford without sacrificing the quality of care. Each of our services is perfect for adults and children alike.

Our experience has given us the skill needed to give you the most comprehensive vision care, diagnosis and treatment options to make an ideal plan for you and your family.

The plan is not limited to but could possibly include: treatment, assessments, medication, emergency situations, laser surgery, and standard surgical practices in some cases.

As well as being one of the premier vision care specialist in the greater Tulsa Oklahoma area, our knowledge also extends into other areas such as: lenses, contact lenses, frames, and other related vision correction aids.