Compbenefits Vision Plans

At Compbenefits Vision Care you can count on a network based set of companies you can choose for eye care and aid services. They operate on a pre-paid type of service and the plans pay the directly to the doctors. Their members are allowed to use non-network based doctors and services as well.

The way it works is once the doctor or optometrist has been selected, the member is then required to pay their co-pay and any extra options. This makes for form and claim free participation.

Benefits of Compbenefits

  • Freedom of Choice – you select your optometrist.
  • Lower Cost – if you select a Compbenefits participant you pay less out of pocket.
  • Zero Paperwork – there is no paperwork when selecting a doctor from the network.
  • Advanced Claims Center – fast handling of customer claims and any needed reimbursements.

Why Choose Optique?

We’ve been proudly serving the people of the great Tulsa Oklahoma area with all of their vision care needs for years. We only give the best possible eye care to both families and individuals alike. Our team is made up of the best eye doctors and optometrist in the area.

We are fully equipped and ready to help with the most advanced pieces of equipment in the eye care industry. Our services are provided to you at affordable cost without any loss of quality. We offer full range of services for both adults and kids alike.

Our dedicated experience ensures you get the most in depth care and vision plan suited for you and your family. This could include any needed medication,