ObamaCare the ACA and your kids vision

Obamacare ACA and Vision for Children

As a result of the Affordable Care Act health insurance companies all have 10 significant health benefits to cover is the beginning of 2014. “Children Services” must includes dental and vision children.

Health plans must cover preventable health services for children free of charge when provided by a network provider. For example, children are entitled to an annual examination of eye health. Even if their annual deductible has not met.

Children should be examined by an eye doctor just before entering kindergarten and first grade (5-6 years old) and every year afterwards for regular checkups. A complete eye exam at an early age is crucial to the academic performance of children. A child will be easily frustrated by not being able to read a book or view the board clearly, which ultimately leads to poor work performance in school.

Optique Professional Eye Care offers children a comprehensive assessments of vision and eye health. We have a large selection of eyeglasses for children and friendly staff who love working with children, Optique is a great place to bring your child for their eye check-ups.

We also have sports glasses, sports goggles to keep them and their athletic performance at its peak. Please contact us (918) 743-9918 if you. Questions about your new benefits of pediatric vision under the new health care act.