Oklahoma Healthcare Authority

Oklahoma HealthCare Authority

OHCA is one of the most widely used healthcare providers in the state of Oklahoma. In actuality one out of every four Oklahomans use OHCA as their primary health care provider. That’s more than 700,000 members that trust the provider with all of their healthcare insurance needs. Commonly known as SoonerCare, OHCA is always there to help whether it’s life-saving treatment or a routine checkup.

Benefits of Using Oklahoma HealthCare Authority

  • Quality health insurance accepted across the state Oklahoma
  • Ideal coverage for families and offers great care for children
  • A variety of insurance plans guarantees there is an option for you
  • Quality customer care which always puts the patient and their needs first

Why Choose Optique Vision Services?

Optique guarantees that our patients will always be taken care of. We provide excellent service for anyone living in the Tulsa Oklahoma area and have been for years with the main objective to deliver the highest quality service of care possible. All of our doctors are the best in their respective fields and it shows with the highest quality health care available.

We use the latest and most advanced eye care equipment available. Every member of our team is professional and only operates at the highest level of professionalism. Our services are set at affordable prices while upholding to the best practices and commitment to patient care. We offer an equal range of services to both children and adults alike.

Our years of experience have helped us to develop the most comprehensive vision plans and care with exceptional experience in areas like: Medication, Surgery, Treatment and Emergency Care as well as the latest methods of Laser Eye Surgery.

We are more than a simple vision center; we are the best in the business and provide the highest levels of service found in the greater Tulsa Oklahoma area. We also offer assistance in areas like: vision ware and other specialty items.