Medicare is the country’s leading insurance provider for citizens over the age of 65. There are exceptions for people under the age of 65 who qualify for Medicare; these people usually have disabilities or permanent Kidney failure. The program is designed to help with the cost of health care but unfortunately it doesn’t cover all costs. It is more often than not used in conjunction with other insurance providers and for the costs which are not covered by Medicare there are insurance supplements provided by other insurance companies.

Benefits of Using Medicare

  • Accepted across the country by medical centers everywhere
  • Guaranteed to seniors over 65 years of age
  • Online support 24 hours a day
  • Works well in conjunction with other insurance providers

Why Choose Optique Vision Services?

At Optique Vision we always put the patients first and they will always be taken care of as such. Our aim is to give our patients the best levels of vision care available and we have been gladly serving those in the greater Tulsa Oklahoma area with outstanding service for years. Each of our doctors and optometrists is the best in the business and is ready to help any of our patients with their vision needs.

We only use the latest technologies and have been trained with all current technologies. Your safety is the priority and we operate at the highest standards with extreme levels of professionalism. Our services are set at affordable prices and kept at the best levels of practice with ultimate commitment to patient care. We offer adequate coverage and care for both children and adults.

Throughout the years of experience we have developed the most comprehensive vision plans and care with high levels of experience in all areas like: treatment, surgery, medication, and emergency needs. We also offer services in laser eye treatment and other vision related services like lenses, frames and contacts.