Humana is known for seeing the bigger picture with their patients. They offer some of the best vision and insurance coverage available and always put the patient’s well-being as a priority. Their coverage is ideal for everything from routine checkups to vision ware like lenses and frames, and that even includes designer frames as well as discounts on laser eye surgery with Lasik

Benefits of Using Humana

  • Willing to cover almost every vision need
  • Even covers specialty needs and treatments
  • Provides coverage on high quality vision products
  • Offers savings packages for families and individuals both

Why Optique Professional Eye Care?

At Optique our patient’s needs are also at the top of the list as a priority and we give the best possible levels of service in every area of eye care there is. Whether you bring in your child or your parent our services cover every need for every age range and are of the best possible quality available. Our services have been giving exceptional levels of care to those of the Tulsa Oklahoma area for years and are ready to give you the best available as well.

We only use the latest methods of vision care the top of the line technologies and to provide you with the best possible levels of treatment. Your safety and our care is the best in the business and a priority and we operate at standards that set the bar for everyone else. Our services are always set at the best prices since we want to make sure our care is available to everyone regardless of their income level.

Through solid years of dedication and service we have perfected our care and have developed the experience needed to give the most comprehensive vision care with the most adequate levels of experience.