Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Also known as Blue Cross Blue Shield, BCBS has been providing health insurance for more than 80 years and is available and widely used by more than 90% of doctors and specialists across the country. BCBS is known for investing back into the community and offering coverage for all aspects of health including vision and even less often covered areas like weight loss. They are respected across the nation and considered to be one of the best insurance companies to have.

Benefits of Using Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Frequent discounts offered to their patients
  • Invests into medical centers to improve health care and insurance costs
  • Covers most types of specialty care
  • Offer sound advice to their clients on how to save more on insurance

Why Optique Professional Eye Care?

At Optique Vision we only provide the patient with the best possible care using the latest practices available. Are doctors are considered to be the best in the vision care industry and it shows with a dedication and commitment not seen at many institutions.

We only use the latest advancements in the medical and vision field and all of our staff are trained up to date in the latest methods of effective treatment for children and adults. We offer a level of service that raises the bar for vision care and stand by our practices with exceptional service.

Our years of experience have giving us the experience to provide service in every area of service related to vision including: treatment, checkups, surgery, medication and laser eye treatment. We also provide exceptional service in regards to glasses, lenses, frames and contacts.