Medical Plans

Optique Accepted Medical Plans

Optique Eye Care of Tulsa Oklahoma is one of the leading clinics for vision care in the state. We believe that everyone should have access to quality eye care which is why we accept a majority of all major insurance providers.

We set our prices at a fair rate and will directly work with you and your provider to present you with a vision care system that works for you and is affordable as well as in conjunction to your insurance plan.

We are more than happy to work with you to ensure you’re taken care of in every aspect of your vision and your families as well.

Our Medical Plans Includes:

  • Sooner CarePart of the OHCA and is one of the best known insurance companies.
  • United Health CareKnown to be one of the most trusted and customer service oriented healthcare systems in the country.
  • Aetna/CignaTwo of the largest and most trusted insurance companies merged to create one singular entity.
  • Humana Known for putting the patient’s wellbeing as the priority.
  • UMR – Hired through an employer and paid into, they are used by thousands of large corporations.
  • TricareOne of the largest insurers of military and ex-military forces.
  • Health Choice Value driven and started by several of the industry leaders in the country.
  • Many Others – Ask us about other insurance companies not listed.

Why Optique Eye Care?

At Optique we care about our patients and aim to help them in every way. As a patient your well-being and comfort is a first. Through years of dedicated experience serving the people of the greater Tulsa Oklahoma area, we have gained a reputation as one of the leading vision centers available.

If you are looking for a vision center for you and your family, than we want to encourage you to come see us and let us give you an eye exam. Our staff is ready to assist in all of your vision needs.

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