CommunityCare of Oklahoma

This is a joint venture between St. Johns Medical Center and St. Francis Hospital in 1994, in response to the attempted 1993, health care reform initiated under the Clinton presidency. Today it services over 450 employers and 500,000 individuals.

Optique CommunityCare

Optique Professional Eye Care and BA Eye Site are now eye care providers for our patients in the Tulsa area, who wish to use their Community Care. Their Mission Statement is to adhere to the principles of Ethics, Respect, Confidentiality and Integrity while providing cost-effective, quality care.

Optique Professional Eye Care

A legacy of 40 year of service for the greater Tulsa area. We strive to continue to provide high quality eye care by using some of the latest technology and the latest techniques. We a top rated local eye doctor.

Quality care with prices and fees you can afford without any sacrifice. New patients, children and grandparents are all at Optique Professional Eye Care in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We diagnosis and treat ocular conditions, provide routine eye care, medication and surgery. Our clinic also provides corrective eye care aids like a wide, diverse selection frames, lenses and contacts.