iwellness screening

Consider screening tests at your eye doctor!

We continue to upgrade and update our clinic, eyewear collections and technology. One technology upgrade we have brought into Optique Professional Eye Care is the iFusion by optovue. This equipment contains an Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT, which is like an MRI of the eye) capable of scanning the front and back of the eye and the iCam which integrates digital imaging of the front and back of the eye.

The benefits of this allows us to diagnose, document, educate and monitor treatments of various conditions affecting both the eye and the body. Diabetes is one good example of a systemic condition that can be detected in the eyes. Then there are the eye conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal detachments and central serous retinopathy.

Some of the interesting items our instrument has detected are macular holes, epiretinal membranes, macular drusen. Our doctor will review the images with you and explain any findings. Pictures truly are worth a thousand words, and if you have ever had a home inspection you understand they generally take many picture for their final report to help document their findings. Why not have that level of understanding and documentation done on your eyes!

When using this technology there are two mode of operation one is the screening the other is a more indepth imaging study in order to provide more data points and analysis when looking a specific condition or issue. Screenings are not generally covered by insurance and are out of pocket but are often worth the small fee. The full threshold battery of testing is more expensive and is often billed to insurance.

If you have any eye issues or would just like to have a more thorough look at a condition give us a call! Optique Professional Eye Care in the heart of Tulsa is always accepting new patients. (918)743-9918, we would love to hear from you.

Recommending contact lenses for kids and teens

Contact lenses for kids and teens:

This is honestly one of the top questions we get from our patients. The answer has never been an easy one because of a number of factors from family dynamics to the maturity of the child or teen.

I have found my professional philosophy on this topic is evolving with the new technology at play in the contact lens industry. Before, I recommended as a rule of thumb that girls be at least 12 and boys Teens and contacts Tulsagenerally be at least 14- 15 years of age. I told parents it was basically about hygiene and personal responsibility. If they had to tell the child/teen to  shower, brush their teeth and put on deodorant then chance were good that the child/teen wasn’t ready for contact lenses due to the care and proper hygiene involved with contact lens wear.

The new generation of daily contacts makes it more possible for children/teens to possibly be able to wear these lenses for sports, school and other events. These lenses require little in terms of care other then clean hands and appropriate insertion and removal. There isn’t much cleaning and no storing of worn lenses which are disposed of in the rubbish bin.

These lenses make a great option for your young scholar athletes. The increased peripheral vision  and depth of focus are but two of the benefits, and of course wearing spectacles while playing sports puts them at risk of breakage and possibly lead to injuries.

Here at Optique, we have our patients try some trial contacts to see if they are the right fit for the patient and their lifestyle. The new generation of daily contacts are a safe and cost effective way for children, teens and adults to ease into contact lens wear. If you are interested in exploring your vision correction options call (918)743-9918 and speak to our wonderful staff.


School Eye Exams for a bright, clear school year

What parents need to know about school eye exams

Vision has a profound impact on learning. Approximately 80-90% of classroom learning occurs through vision. We recommend eye exam beginning at 6 months, 3 years, and 5 years old. At Optique Professional Eye Care we offer thorough child eye exams.

Improper eye movements and positions may cause problems with academic and athletic performance even if the child can see 20/20 on a school screening. So getting an exam done by an eye doctor is urged. A comprehensive eye and vision check-up is critical to fully understanding and developing a plan to help treat and fix underlying learning disabilities.

Accurate vision is also critical to sports performance. Athletic performance is largely governed by visual skills and hand eye coordination. The majority of the information that we receive and process while participating in sports comes from our eyesight. Depth perception, peripheral vision, contrast sensitivity, and eye tracking are all part of an athlete’s visual skills needs. Proper safety eyewear is another huge consideration. Utilization of eye protection can prevent up to 90% of sports related eye injuries.

Optique Professional Eye Care in Tulsa can help your children start off their school year on a firm visual foundation in the classroom, on the field or on the court. Call today (918)743-9918, we would love to meet you and your family.

School Vision Screening

Has your child had a school vision screening?

According to the “Children’s Vision for Excellence Act”,  children entering kindergarten, first grade, and third grade are required to go through a vision screening in Oklahoma.  These screenings must measure distance acuity and the quality of depth perception.

Vision screenings are an important step to improving children’s eye care in Oklahoma, but these screenings miss nearly one-third of the students who should be referred for a more comprehensive eye examination. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that early detection of vision problems often reduces long-term effects on a students academics. Often difficulties with vision-related activities like reading, writing and arithmetic may be misdiagnosed as a learning disability when it is actually poor vision.

The American Optometric Association recommends that families should watch for symptoms of poor vision in children, these include:

  • Avoidance reading or near work
  • Attempting but not completely comprehending school assignments.
  • Short attention spans
  • Eye rubbing, blinking or headaches
  • Moving their head sideways, head turns and head tilts or covering one eye in order to see
  • Holding reading materials near their faces
  • Eyes appearing to look in different directors or turning in or out

If these behaviors are observed, you are strongly urged to call Optique Professional Eye Care or your Optometrist and schedule your child a comprehensive eye exam. Early detection is key to reducing the effects of poor vision or eye health.

Does glasses make my eyes weaker?

Wearing glasses does not make your eyes worse.

It is a myth that wearing glasses actually makes your eyes worse. If your are wearing glasses that were made to your actual prescription and not someone else’s glasses, then these glasses are helping to focus light into your eye to produce a clear image of the world.

The perception is that the world is blurrier now with out your glasses then it was before you started wearing them. This is actually just a perception. Your brain like the clearer image provided by the correction in your glasses, so now when your glasses off the image blur is perceived to be worse when it is how you naturally see.

What is making our eyes worse? Age, growth and the amount of near we are doing now. Think about the time you spend on the computer, tablet, smart phone, reading and now virtual reality glasses and other devices like Google Glass have all increase the near demands on our eyes. In the last 100 years our work requirements have changed and part of this has impacted our visual demands. Eye doctors are expecting to see more myopia and an increase of computer vision syndrome.

I have a hard time understanding why some want to live in a blurry world. As eye doctors we all have patients that come in for vision and eye health examinations that are not seeing well but believe they see well enough that they do not need correction or simply will not wear their correction. Honestly, some of these individuals have no business driving unless they are wearing their glasses, because this activity not only endangers themselves but other citizens as well. Personally, I want the best vision that I can possibly have.

Here at Optique Professional Eye Care, we strive to provide our patients here in Tulsa, OK, with the best vision possible based on a patient’s anatomy, physiology and the optics of their eyes. We have an experienced staff who can help answer your insurance questions and find just the perfect pair of glasses and contacts available to meet your visual needs. Dr. Ozment and his staff look forward to seeing and hearing from you.

Red Swollen Eyelid?

Experiencing a red, swollen eyelid?

It could be blepharitis. Blepharitis is a very common eyelid condition that results in burning, itching, redness, tearing, and irritation of the lids and eyes.  It is linked with bacteria which accumulate around the base of the eyelashes. The bacteria leads to dysfunction of meibomian glands within the lids.  The meibomian glands normally secrete oils that help lubricate your eyes and prevents evaporation of the tears, so blepharitis can lead to dry eyes. People with acne rosacea tend to be more likely to develop blepharitis.

Dr. Ozment often recommends an ongoing regimen of eyelid hygiene. There are over-the-counter lid scrub towelettes, foams or other cleansing agents. Studies have has shown that in some cases of blepharitis, omega-3 fatty acid supplements help meibomian glands function better and eye comfort improvement.  Hot compresses and lid massage also help encourage normal secretion from these glands. Severe or long standing cases of blepharitis may require treatment with topical and/or oral antibiotics.

Talk with Dr. Ozment about blepharitis if you experience the symptoms of red, itchy or irritated eyelids.  He develop a custom treatment plan for your particular case to give you lasting relief.  Call Optique Professional Eye Care at (918) 743-9918 to  schedule an appointment.

SoonerCare Provider

Optique Professional Eye Care is a soonercare provider

One of our more frequent questions we encounter is if we are a soonercare or medicaid provider, yes our optometrist in Tulsa and Broken Arrow is a provider for the sooner care system, Oklahoma Healthcare Authority. There are a few things you should know.

One, Soonercare will allow medical exams only for adults over the age of 21, they do not cover routine vision exams or eyewear materials. We do offer discounts and competitive pricing to help adults covered by this insurance get the needed eyewear affordably. This goes with our practice philosophy that an adult that has the best possible corrected vision is happier and more contributive to our community.

For those on Soonercare under 21 years of age, the coverage is for routine vision, medical and basic eyewear.  The Oklahoma Healthcare Authority does not cover contact lenses in most circumstances. The better our students can see during their education the more improved chance there is of educational success and advancement. Studies also support that improved vision often affects behavior in a positive way.

Call (918)743-9918, today to schedule your eye appointment. Optique is currently accepting new patients, we want to be your eye doctor Tulsa. Our staff is waiting to help you with your insurance benefits and t help you choose the perfect fit for your next set of eyeglasses. We have two locations: 51st and Harvard in Country Club Plaza and  101st and Aspen in Broken Arrow’s Wolf Creek Office Center one mile north of the new Warren Theater in Broken Arrow.

Oklahoma Health Care Authority soonercare Oklahoma HealthCare Authority

No Puff

We are an air puff free office -NO PUFF!

No puff technology

One of the most hated tests at the eye doctor has been replaced. Optiqe is an air puff free office; we have replaced that old outdated test with a newer more accurate test. Our doctors and staff use the Avia Tono-pen. The air puff was dreaded and almost impossible to get a good reading even on the best most tolerate patients. It isn’t as bad as a trip to the dentist for fillings or a root canal, but it raked up there as one of the most hated tests endured by patients.

If it was so bad, why did your Optometrist insist on having it done? Glaucoma is the simple answer. Your eye is filled with a fluid and as a semi-closed system we needed to monitor this reading to help with the diagnosis and track how how effective various treatments are for glaucoma. Glaucoma is pretty much a symptomless disease that can lead to blindness.

We want to be your eye doctor Tulsa, and through technologies like the tono-pen we are making your visit to the eye doctor more comfortable and convenient then ever before. If it is time for you or your family to have an eye exam call, (918)743-9918, and our staff will find a time that will work with your schedule to help keep your life in focus.

Emergency Eye Care

An emergency can strike at anytime and when it involves your eyes you need to seek emergency eye care. Dr. Ozment sees most of his eye emergency cases at his location in Broken Arrow, BA Eye Site, (918)893-3769 extension 306.

We want to be your eye doctor Tulsa and if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you need emergency eye care let Optique Professional Eye Care and BA Eye Site provide those services to you and your family. Often these things occur outside normal office hours and on the weekends, instead of letting the situation worsen and the pain level to increase allow us to diagnose and start treatment. As is often the case, the sooner treatment is initiated the better the prognosis is.

We see everything from infections, injuries, foreign bodies embedded in the eyes, sudden loss of vision, flashes, floaters and spots in the vision, chemical and wielding burns. Our eyes are sensitive and precious, they are often taken for granted until they case sever pain or our vision is compromised.

We urge annual comprehensive eye exams to maintain great ocular health and vision. This helps us determine the extent an injury may have caused to your vision and eye health. Schedule your comprehensive exam today (918)743-9918.