Vision Trends

Optique Professional Eye Care Joins Vision Trends

Optique has join Vision Trends which is professional trade groups of independent optometrists. This group. This allows us more access to great products and services to provide our patients better experiences and products.

We look forward to this new partnership.

Eye Care for Tulsa

Optique provides Eye Care for Tulsa

Conveniently located at 51st and Harvard in Country Club Plaza is a leading provider of Eye Care for Tulsa. With a legacy of over 50yrs of offering Professional Eye Care, Tulsa trusts their families eyes and vision to the doctors and staff of Optique Professional Eye Care.

We are proud to be a part of our community and being blessed enough to help serve the eye care needs of our fellow citizens. We service infants to grandparents, accept most medical and vision plans and new patients. Call or staff at (918)743-9918, and allow them to help get you and your family scheduled for a comprehensive eye examination.

Optique has a full optical dispensary and contact lens options to fit anyone in your family. You will love the way you see and the way you look in your new eye wear.

Advanced imaging and technology is als0o a cornerstone of the practice here at Optique by employing the utilization of the OptoVue iVue OCT (ocular coherence tomography) to view ocular structures on an almost cellular level and iCam to capture retinal and anterior segment digital images. This instrumentation along with visual fields testing allows us to detect, document, treat and monitor a host of ocular conditions.

If you are looking for an eye doctor in Tulsa consider Optique Professional Eye Care to provide that eye care for you and your family.

Davis Vision

Why aren’t we an In-Network Provider for Davis Vision?

Optique has long been a Davis Vision In-Network Provider, but do to several changes in their plan we had to drop them as a plan we accepted. We are an out of network provider and have the forms needed to have your benefits directly paid to you for Davis Vision. Some of the reasons we made this decision are:

  1. limited frame selection
  2. limited optical lab options and timeliness
  3. patient overcharges and copays
  4. difficulty to coordinate with their customer service

We continue to monitor the changes to their plans and may accept the plan again once some positive changes are made. We want our patients to have a good experience and love the eyewear they get from us.

Our staff will assist our patients who have Davis Vision with the out-of-network forms. We encourage our patients to consult with our staff during re-enrollment for recommendations on your prepaid Vision Plans options and benefits.

Optique Professional Eye Care provides eye health and vision care services to the Tulsa Area. We are located conveniently in Midtown Tulsa at 51st and Harvard. Call our staff at (918)743-9918, to check on your benefits and schedule your family’s eye examinations. We look forward to seeing your soon!


Eye injury

Eye Injury

This month we have seen many eye injuries in the office, Some of which used our emergency line (918)893-3769 X306 and were seen over a weekend. These injuries and infections range from an assault victim to being hit in the eye with a wood chip and another was a rock.  Because of the warmer weather we are becoming more active around the house and out in public which increases the incidences of injuries  and contact with contagions.

Eye protection should always be a priority, and when something does happen prompt care by an eye doctor is imperative. The eye is sensitive organ and there are many places where problems can and do arise. The eye will give off a host of symptoms if something is wrong: redness, swelling, watering, blurred vision, mucous discharge, itchiness or grittiness, flashes of light, spots in the vision, pain or discomfort, light sensitivity, and hot to the touch are all symptoms that should be checked.

Many of our patients consult Dr. Google with their symptoms and are often scared by the search results that come back. We are here for you at Optique Professional Eye Care in the Country Club Plaza center at 51st and Harvard, and for those patients south we have a sister location at 101st and Aspen in Broken Arrow, BA Eye Site.  Consider us your Urgent Care for Eye Care.

When should you be seen?

  • Red eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Goopy eyes
  • Painful eyes
  • Sore eyes
  • Blurred Vision
  • Sudden vision loss
  • Loss of visual field
  • Spots in the vision
  • Flashes of light
  • Trauma to the eyes
  • Contusion to the eyes, face of orbit
  • Sudden Double Vision
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Swelling
  • Foreign Body Sensation
  • Bleeding in the eye

Any of these symptoms warrant an evaluation by an eyecare professional.



Spring Allergies and Itchy Eyes

Itchy Eyes

Daylight savings time, Easter and warmer temperatures also bring seasonal allergies. Due to these itchy and watery eyes there is a pilgrimage to optometry offices across the country. The conjunctiva is extremely susceptible to airborne allergens, but this reaction is often combined with other systemic manifestations from hay fever and sinusitis, eczema and hives.

It is estimated that between 40 and 60% experience varying degrees of ocular allergies. The harm comes due to the impact of the allergy on a patient’s productivity and quality of life. This often impacts a patient’s ability to utilize their contact lenses comfortably and effectively.

Allergic reactions occur when an allergen interacts with an IgE bound mast cell causing the cell to degranulate and trigger the allergic cascade.  This cause the tissues to swell and the hallmarks of allergies occur.


  • allergen avoidance
  • cold packs/compresses
  • over-the-counter treatments (Zaditor or Naphcon-A)
  • Prescription for antihistamine-mast cell stabilizer
  • topical steroid
  • orals

Don’t mistake bacterial conjunctivitis, viral conjunctivitis (pink eye) or blepharitis as simple allergic conjunctivitis. It is always wise to seek out an optometrist to evaluate any eye problem to determine the cause of an eye issue and initiate proper treatment. It is often the case that early treatment allows for a speedy recovery and usually prevents worse complications and recalcitrant conditions.

In Tulsa Optique Professional Eye Care is here for you. Call our staff at (918)743-9918, and allow us to help stop those itchy eyes this allergy season.



Color Blind

What does it mean to be color blind?

Usually color deficiency is due to genetics. This gene is on the x chromosome and effects men much more the women. Women are carriers of the color blindness and only about 0.5% of women suffer form color deficiency. In men the rate is about 8% that have some color deficiency.

Most color blind individuals can see some colors but have difficulties with certain hues. The most common problem is with red-green, while it is less common to see problems with blue-yellow. There is a small group who lack all color discrimination and they just see in shade of black and grey.

There are some conditions that can cause color vision disturbances which we call acquired color deficiencies. Diabetes, Glaucoma, Alzheimer’s, macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s all have been know to cause color deficiency. Certain medications have also been known to affect color vision like heart and blood pressure medications, erectile dysfunction, chemotherapy drugs and psychological medications are among this group.


It is important that if your see changes in your color vision that you come to your optometrist with an updated list of medications. Or if your have a child whose color vision you are concerned about call (918)743-9918 and make an appointment with your Tulsa Eye Doctor at Optique Professional Eye Care at 51st and Harvard.

Sleeping eyes

What happens behind sleeping eyes

Your head has hit the pillows and you are off to sleep after another hectic day. Your mind is recalling the day and slips off to a dream.

Sleep apnea

You are still getting some visual input from behind those closed lids. The eyelid is thin and can be easily penetrated by light, so if the lights were suddenly switched on the visual system would alert the brain of the change in stimulus.

There are 5 stages of sleep with only one containing Rapid Eye Movements, REM. As you sleep you cycle through these stages. Studies suggest we only spend about 20% of the time in REM sleep. During REM sleep the visual cortex is active and it is theorized that memories are being formed and bolstered and dreaming also happens.

If you have ever watched someone sleep and observed their eyes moving under their lids and wondered what was happening or what level of sleep they are experiencing, hopefully this has helped. Disorders of sleep patterns and REM sleep can lead to poor health and mental wellbeing. Our brains and visual system needs this time to reset and recharge.

Winter Dry Eyes

Tips for Combating Winter Dry Eyes

We find ourselves in the middle of winter and that brings cold, dry winds and even drier climates indoors with our heaters and fireplaces keeping us warm and comfortable. But we are not all comfortable our eyes are dry and that can lead to real discomfort with contact lens wear. Most of us can sympathize with the burning sensations the lack of humidity and tears associated with dry eyes.

Dry Eyes

Here at Optique Professional Eye Care, we have come up with a few recommendations and suggestions that may help.

  1. Try reducing the time you spend on digital devices like computers, tablets and smartphones, studies suggest that our blink rate reduces by 50% while engaging in these activities.
  2. Deploy a humidifier to boost the humidity in your area at home and at work. We lose approximately 80% of our tears through evaporation and increase humidity levels may help.
  3. Increase fluid intake to maintain hydration.
  4. Ask your eye doctor for a recommendation on artificial tears, to utilize a few times per day, as they are not all made equal. Some may do more harm than good or be of no benefit at all.
  5. Go with your glasses and give your eyes a break from contacts. This can be very beneficial if ocular irritation is moderate to sever.
  6.  Eye protection is always a good bet and it is even better when you are going out on a cold windy day. Good sunglasses can block the UV, divert the wind and protect against particles flying with the wind from damaging the eye surface .

Prolonged dry eyes can lead to blurred vision, discomfort, watery eyes and even infection. Optique Professional Eye Care at 51st and Harvard is here to be your eye care source in Tulsa. Call us today (918)743-9918, new patients and walk-ins are welcome!

Macular Degeneration Awareness

7 Factoids About Macular Degeneration

Eye Doctor Tulsa

  1. Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in adults over the age of 65.
  2. Macular Degeneration is familial and has a genetic link.
  3. There is a genetic test available to predict the likelihood of Macular Degeneration that involves a simply swabbing the inside of the cheek.
  4. Smokers double their risk of Macular Degeneration.
  5. People whose diets are rich in green, leafy vegetables and fish have a reduced risk.
  6. Caucasians and more likely than African-Americans to develop macular degeneration.
  7. Macular Degeneration can be “dry” or “wet” and the type greatly affects the prognosis.

Early detection and monitoring is crucial towards preventing vision loss due to macular degeneration. February is the month of valentines and love, so love your eyes and schedule your comprehensive eye exam. It always is important to know your families medical history as research is continually finding new genetic markers to these disease of the eye and body. Optique Professional Eye Care at  51st and Harvard can be your source for eye care in Tulsa. We are always welcoming new patients and walk-ins. We want to hear from you, and protect the vision and eye health of your family.

Where should you go for Emergency Eye Care?

Need emergency eye care, where should you go or who should you see?

  • Urgent eye care

This question is a common question our patients ask. My answer is always simple. Optometrist spend four years in focused studies on the eyes and the medications and systemic diseases that affect them. We are trained to deal with eye injuries, trauma and infections. So, I always recommend a trained eye doctor first.

Other options patients often consider are urgent care centers, emergency rooms and the growingly popular Dr. Google.  Often these other sources will point patients back to an eye care professional because of the need of special equipment, training and the over all importance of a patient’s vision.

Optique and BA Eye Site offer after-hours emergency care (918)893-3769 ext 306. Like with most things early diagnosis and treatment can be very important to the outcome and longevity of a condition.

You should call if there is:

  • pain or loss of vision
  • blood is evident in the eye
  • there is an object embedded in the eye or is trapped under an eyelid
  • there has been a blow or hit to an eye by a ball, stick, stone, fist, branch, etc.
  • swelling
  • chemical burn the chemicals can make a difference so if possible bring the source in with you with the product label.
    • Acids -generally make the eyes very red and causes a lot of pain and burning but usually can be flushed out pretty easily. Scarring is what concerns us the most because of the effect it can have on the eyelids and cornea.
    • Alkali- or bases are much ore of a concern because often the pain from the burn is muted but while the damage maybe much worse than that of an acid. So, people don’t seek help quickly enough to mitigate the damage.  Some examples are  bleach, oven cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, drain clog eliminators, lime and even chalk dust.
  • scratched eye
  • flashes of light and an increase in the floaters

Most eye injuries are avoidable with appropriate safety eyewear. Encourage children to wear eye protection when participating in sports, and set a good example yourself by wearing safety eyewear when competing or simply mowing and weed-eating the lawn.

If you find yourself with an eye infection, injury or simply have an eye emergency, Optique Professional Eye Care or BA Eye Site is here for you.