Optique Professional Eye Care Tulsa Image Gallery

Eye Care Tulsa can differ place to place, come experience the difference @Optique. Below are a few cases that have been managed at Optique Professional Eye Care (51st and Harvard) and BA Eye Site (101st and Aspen in Broken Arrow). If you have an eye care emergency or need urgent eye care click here. The eye can be broken into two distinct areas and are both treated and examined differently based on history of injury, illness or disease.

Anterior segment: The front structures of the eye including the lid and lashes, conjunctiva, cornea, iris and anterior chamber.

Bump on the eyelidCataractsEmergency Eye CareCorneal AbrasionBlack Eyecontact dermatoconjunctivitisForeign BodyOptique Eye Care TulsaOptique Professional Eye Care

cortical cataractseye allergies

Posterior Segment: This is the back or posterior portion of the eye behind the lens and includes the vitreous, retina, optic nerve head, macula and retinal vasculature.


Optique Eye CareToxoplasmosiseye injury and eye traumaLipid deposits in the retinalbleeding in the eyeSever diabetic retinopathyEye injuryRetinal HoleVitreous detachmentMacular hole formation due to vitreous trackion