Astigmatism is an optical aberration that affects a majority of people. While it is easy to explain and understand nearsighted and farsighted, astigmatism is a little more involved but basically it distorts images no matter what distance they are at by making them appear smudged and even double.

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SoonerCare Provider

Optique Professional Eye Care is a soonercare provider

One of our more frequent questions we encounter is if we are a soonercare or medicaid provider, yes our optometrist in Tulsa and Broken Arrow is a provider for the sooner care system, Oklahoma Healthcare Authority. There are a few things you should know.

One, Soonercare will allow medical exams only for adults over the age of 21, they do not cover routine vision exams or eyewear materials. We do offer discounts and competitive pricing to help adults covered by this insurance get the needed eyewear affordably. This goes with our practice philosophy that an adult that has the best possible corrected vision is happier and more contributive to our community.

For those on Soonercare under 21 years of age, the coverage is for routine vision, medical and basic eyewear.  The Oklahoma Healthcare Authority does not cover contact lenses in most circumstances. The better our students can see during their education the more improved chance there is of educational success and advancement. Studies also support that improved vision often affects behavior in a positive way.

Call (918)743-9918, today to schedule your eye appointment. Optique is currently accepting new patients, we want to be your eye doctor Tulsa. Our staff is waiting to help you with your insurance benefits and t help you choose the perfect fit for your next set of eyeglasses. We have two locations: 51st and Harvard in Country Club Plaza and  101st and Aspen in Broken Arrow’s Wolf Creek Office Center one mile north of the new Warren Theater in Broken Arrow.

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