UV light explained

What is UV? …And why does it matter?

Light is a form of radiation. The “visible light” is a small segment of the the electromagnetic spectrum. As summer approaches we hear a lot about UV light or Ultraviolet light.

Look at sunblock and you will see blocks so much UVA and UVA, sunglasses are the same way and now some clothing and outdoor furniture also talk about UV blocking which can fade their colors over time if their is no blocking.


  1. UVA – Aging:
    • 95% of all UV reaching the earth
    • remains constant all year long at most latitudes
    • responsible for aging of the skin and loss of elastin.
    • penetrates uncoated glasses
  2. UVB – Sun Burns
    • more intense then UVA
    • Strongest in the summer and can be filtered out by glass
    • sunblocks work to prevent UVB penetration to the skin

Overexposure and unprotected skin can lead to skin cancer, cataract development, macular degeneration, etc. There are some positives with limited exposures like vitamin D that is produced in the skin which helps with bone strength and density as well as helpful to the immune system.

Summer is more problematic due to more UVB being able to pass through the ozone layer. Watching the weather in mid and late summer there are days where an ozone alert is posted meaning exposure to UVB is particularly high on that day, which causes more damage quicker.


Does glasses make my eyes weaker?

Wearing glasses does not make your eyes worse.

It is a myth that wearing glasses actually makes your eyes worse. If your are wearing glasses that were made to your actual prescription and not someone else’s glasses, then these glasses are helping to focus light into your eye to produce a clear image of the world.

The perception is that the world is blurrier now with out your glasses then it was before you started wearing them. This is actually just a perception. Your brain like the clearer image provided by the correction in your glasses, so now when your glasses off the image blur is perceived to be worse when it is how you naturally see.

What is making our eyes worse? Age, growth and the amount of near we are doing now. Think about the time you spend on the computer, tablet, smart phone, reading and now virtual reality glasses and other devices like Google Glass have all increase the near demands on our eyes. In the last 100 years our work requirements have changed and part of this has impacted our visual demands. Eye doctors are expecting to see more myopia and an increase of computer vision syndrome.

I have a hard time understanding why some want to live in a blurry world. As eye doctors we all have patients that come in for vision and eye health examinations that are not seeing well but believe they see well enough that they do not need correction or simply will not wear their correction. Honestly, some of these individuals have no business driving unless they are wearing their glasses, because this activity not only endangers themselves but other citizens as well. Personally, I want the best vision that I can possibly have.

Here at Optique Professional Eye Care, we strive to provide our patients here in Tulsa, OK, with the best vision possible based on a patient’s anatomy, physiology and the optics of their eyes. We have an experienced staff who can help answer your insurance questions and find just the perfect pair of glasses and contacts available to meet your visual needs. Dr. Ozment and his staff look forward to seeing and hearing from you.