Astigmatism is an optical aberration that affects a majority of people. While it is easy to explain and understand nearsighted and farsighted, astigmatism is a little more involved but basically it distorts images no matter what distance they are at by making them appear smudged and even double.

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New Years Resolution

Make Eye Care part of your New Year's Resolution.

A new year is a great time to start fresh. Why not use it an a reason to update your eyewear and have your ocular health evaluated, after all we can not grow younger with each passing year and as we age more health conditions manifest.  Eye care is an integral component in one's healthcare due to the tremendous amount of health information that can be detected by a trained eye doctor.

New Year and new technology is also available like more breathable contacts lenses, computer lenses to combat the blue haze of the monitors, new frame lines and designs that are not so "common". Optique is sporting an updated look this year as well. Many long time patients are noticing both the cosmetic and structural changes.

We look forward to servicing you and your family this year. We accept most insurance plans, Care Credit and HSAs and offer cash discounts. We are located at 51st and Harvard in the heart of Tulsa, conveniently off of I44 (Skelly Drive).























Bye-Bye Dry Eyes

Say bye to dry eyes

Tears serve many purposes from expressing an emotional response, protecting against allergies and foreign matter like dust and eyelashes by rinsing the eyes, and tears are vital to maintaining a healthy ocular surface and vision. When something disrupts the quantity or quality of tears produced the corneas will not be moisturized or lubricated properly leading to  burning, itchy, gritty, sore eyes. We can place special dyes in the eye and observe punctate keratitis or dry eye syndrome.

There are three components to your tears to help them work effectively. They contain distinctive layers: mucous, water and oil.  The mucous layer is produced by goblet cells on the conjunctiva and help the tear spread evenly over the surface of the eyes. This layer is usually most affected by use of antihistamines and other medications. The oil layer helps prevent evaporation of the tear film. We lose roughly 80% of our tears through evaporation. The watery layer is produced by the lacrimal gland and is subject to systemic disease like Sjogren’s syndrome, autoimmune disease and hormone levels.

There are a number of things that can contribute to dry eye syndrome like medications, systemic diseases, age, environmental factors, contact lens use, Refractive surgical patients and anatomical or physiological conditions of the eyelids. Why is this so important? The cornea receives nourishment and immunological protection from the tears. The cornea is the clear dome over the eye and it contains no blood vessels, so tear health is of great importance to corneal health and vision.

Treatments include:

  • Artificial Tears –These over the counter drops can help alleviate short-term symptoms of dry eye like burning. In mild cases this is often adequate especially when the symptoms are brought on by computer use. They do have preservative free options which is more desirable when treating an already irritated eye.
  • Salves, gels and ointments are helpful for overnight protection. There is also a prescription, Lacrisert, that is made for during the day sustained release in severe dry eye.
  • Restasis -Prescription immunomodulator that helps patients with autoimmune diseases effectively produce more tears. It may take three to six months to notice the effects of this medication since it is reducing the deterioration that is caused by an autoimmune disease on the lacrimal gland.
  • Punctal Plugs -This is a procedure where a plug is inserted into the punctum allowing the existing tears to stay in the eye instead of draining into the nose. These plugs can be removed and may even fall out so this is reversible. If the punctal plugs were effective there is a surgical option to close the punctum of the lower lids permanently.
  • Dietary -Studies show that increased omega-3 consumption leads to more quality oils produced by the eyelids meaning the decreased loss of tears through evaporation.

With increased computer use, contact lens use and medication usage there is a growing population dealing with the challenges of dry eye syndrome. Optique Professional Eye Care is there to help you navigate the challenges of coping with dry eyes and after an examination give you a better idea of the underlying cause and give relevant treatment strategies. Give us a call today t see how we can help put you on the right treatment path.

Eye Care through Community Care

Eye Care for Community Care of Oklahoma Members

If you are a Community Care subscriber then Optique Professional Eye Care in Tulsa, OK, is your family’s eye care solution.  Optique and our sister practice BA Eye Site are both full service eye care providers for Community Care of Oklahoma each plan is different so contact our staff to check your benefits today.

Our locations are placed for your convenience at 51st and Harvard in Country Club Plaza and in south Broken Arrow at 101st and 145th (Aspen). While most plans cover routine eye care there are a few that do not, but they all cover medical eye care whether it is a painful eye, loss of vision or spots to allergy eyes. If you are having an eye care emergency click here.