Astigmatism is an optical aberration that affects a majority of people. While it is easy to explain and understand nearsighted and farsighted, astigmatism is a little more involved but basically it distorts images no matter what distance they are at by making them appear smudged and even double.

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Recommending contact lenses for kids and teens

Contact lenses for kids and teens:

This is honestly one of the top questions we get from our patients. The answer has never been an easy one because of a number of factors from family dynamics to the maturity of the child or teen.

I have found my professional philosophy on this topic is evolving with the new technology at play in the contact lens industry. Before, I recommended as a rule of thumb that girls be at least 12 and boys Teens and contacts Tulsagenerally be at least 14- 15 years of age. I told parents it was basically about hygiene and personal responsibility. If they had to tell the child/teen to  shower, brush their teeth and put on deodorant then chance were good that the child/teen wasn’t ready for contact lenses due to the care and proper hygiene involved with contact lens wear.

The new generation of daily contacts makes it more possible for children/teens to possibly be able to wear these lenses for sports, school and other events. These lenses require little in terms of care other then clean hands and appropriate insertion and removal. There isn’t much cleaning and no storing of worn lenses which are disposed of in the rubbish bin.

These lenses make a great option for your young scholar athletes. The increased peripheral vision  and depth of focus are but two of the benefits, and of course wearing spectacles while playing sports puts them at risk of breakage and possibly lead to injuries.

Here at Optique, we have our patients try some trial contacts to see if they are the right fit for the patient and their lifestyle. The new generation of daily contacts are a safe and cost effective way for children, teens and adults to ease into contact lens wear. If you are interested in exploring your vision correction options call (918)743-9918 and speak to our wonderful staff.


School Eye Exams for a bright, clear school year

What parents need to know about school eye exams

Vision has a profound impact on learning. Approximately 80-90% of classroom learning occurs through vision. We recommend eye exam beginning at 6 months, 3 years, and 5 years old. At Optique Professional Eye Care we offer thorough child eye exams.

Improper eye movements and positions may cause problems with academic and athletic performance even if the child can see 20/20 on a school screening. So getting an exam done by an eye doctor is urged. A comprehensive eye and vision check-up is critical to fully understanding and developing a plan to help treat and fix underlying learning disabilities.

Accurate vision is also critical to sports performance. Athletic performance is largely governed by visual skills and hand eye coordination. The majority of the information that we receive and process while participating in sports comes from our eyesight. Depth perception, peripheral vision, contrast sensitivity, and eye tracking are all part of an athlete’s visual skills needs. Proper safety eyewear is another huge consideration. Utilization of eye protection can prevent up to 90% of sports related eye injuries.

Optique Professional Eye Care in Tulsa can help your children start off their school year on a firm visual foundation in the classroom, on the field or on the court. Call today (918)743-9918, we would love to meet you and your family.