Eye doctor or urgent care

Who should you call an eye doctor or urgent care?

Black Eye  Corneal Abrasion

When you have an eye injury or an acute visual distortion you should contact an optometrist. Urgent care centers all over the area are equipped to handle a lot of non life threatening conditions and injuries, but when it comes to your eyes and vision trust those to an optometrist.

We have the equipment and training required to help preserve your vision and best evaluate your eyes. We know often things can not wait and should be seen in a urgent manner which is why we have an emergency line to help (918)879-5055.


Often an eye injury will lead to a sleepless night of pain which can occur during R.E.M. and cause a person to wake up in intense pain. The next day the eye can be very light sensitive, red with discharge and the vision be blurred and hazy.

Don’t suffer through it contact Optique Professional Eye Care or BA Eye Site and let us help your eye to heal up and recover properly. We accept most medical insurance plans.



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